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I Attempted my First Pokemon Nuzlocke is an animation created by Jaiden Animations, uploaded on November 10th, 2019.


In this video, Jaiden recalls her experiences playing her first pokemon nuzlocke.



Jaiden explains what a Pokémon Nuzlocke is, and explains why she had never done one before. A Nuzlocke is a sort of self-imposed "hard mode" for Pokémon games. The three main rules are: You can only catch the first Pokémon per route, if a Pokémon faints, it "dies" and you can't use it anymore, and you have to nickname all of your Pokémon. Jaiden had always been too busy to start a Nuzlocke of her own, but one day she finally decided to do a Nuzlocke of Pokémon: Ruby Version.

The Nuzlocke Begins

Jaiden has just moved to a new town in the Hoenn region, Littleroot Town, where the Pokemon Professor, Professor Birch, lives. After introducing herself to her neighbor and Birch's son, Brendan, a little kid tells Jaiden that he heard screaming up ahead. It turns out that Professor Birch is getting mauled by a Level 2 Poochyena, so Jaiden lets out his Torchic and she "scratches the crap out of it". He gives Jaiden Torchic as a gift for rescuing him, and Jaiden names her Teriyaki, her starter and first Pokemon. After walking up the route a bit more, she runs into Brendan again, who challenges Jaiden to a battle with his starter, a Mudkip. Jaiden wins the battle easily, and Professor Birch gives her five Poke Balls. The Nuzlocke officially begins.

The First Gym

Jaiden encounters her first Pokemon, a Zigzagoon, however Teriyaki accidentally kills it, which means she can't catch another Pokemon until she reaches the next route. On Route 103, Jaiden encounters a Seedot and catches it, naming it Corn, her first catch. After she watches a weird kid named Wally struggle to catch a Ralts, she continues on to Route 104 and finds a little Taillow, which she catches and names Ari after her real life pet bird. She continues on to Petalburg forest where a Team Magma grunt has jumped some professor. Jaiden beats him in a fight with Teriyaki and Ari. She also encounters a Shroomish that she catches and names Onion, and Jaiden finds another Zigzagoon. However, Teriyaki also kills it and evolves into Combusken. Jaiden finally arrives in Rustboro City to take on Roxanne's Gym. She easily beats Roxanne with Onion and earns her first Gym Badge.

The Second Gym

After exiting the Gym, Team Magma is still up to no good and is running around, screaming about the scorching earth or something. An old man tells Jaiden that they stole his Wingull. Jaiden uses Ari to beat the grunt that stole it and also catches a Whismer that she names Hush Child. The mayor thanks Jaiden and tells her to give a letter to Steven Stone, the Champion of Hoenn. She arrives in Dewford and catches a Mawile in Granite Cave that she names Chomps, although unhappily. After giving Steven the letter it's time to take on the next Gym Leader, Brawly. Ari easily earns MVP of the fight and is "a stone-cold killer". Two Badges down, and six more to go.

The Third Gym

On Jaiden's way to the next city, she fishes up a Tentacool on the beach, which she catches and names Squidward. In Slateport City, Jaiden defeats Team Magma and Brendan again, and starts to prepare for her third Gym Battle with Watson. Unfortunately, while fighting in a trainer battle, Chomps got electrocuted a bit too hard and was killed, making her the first death in the Nuzlocke. Wally asks to battle Jaiden again right before the third Gym Battle, but she beats him pretty badly. While fighting the Gym Trainers Onion evolved into Breloom, and he and Teriyaki were able to beat Watson and earn another victory.

The Fourth Gym

After defeating Watson, Jaiden and the team decide to take on the Winstrate Family's challenge of beating their whole family. However, Grandma and her Meditate were about to go for a High Jump Kick, and Jaiden was currently battling with Squidward, who would probably die if the attack landed, so she switched him out for Hush Child. Hush Child was killed in the process, as Jaiden knew. After fighting some trainers, Ari evolved into Swellow. Jaiden encounters a Spinda that she catches and names Barf, and puts in the Box. She also stumbles upon Team Magma arguing with Team Aqua about water and rocks, and Jaiden also catches a Zubat. They kept complaining, so Jaiden goes up the volcano to fight Maxie, the leader of Team Magma. Teriyaki and Onion took out his Camerupt and Mightyena, but his Golbat was the real problem. Jaiden managed to beat him by using Double Team on Ari, which she admits wasn't the most honorable of strategies, but it worked. Leaving the volcano, Jaiden encounters a Machop that she catches and names Chad, then realizes is female. Oh well. Jaiden arrives in Lavaridge Town and starts to make it through Flannery's Gym. During that, Squidward was almost killed by Fury Swipes from a Kecleon. He lived, thankfully, and learned Bubble Beam and swept through Flannery's fire-types. Badge four, under her belt.

The Fifth Gym


Possible Pokemon (seen in PC)

  • Skitty
  • Gulpin
  • Wurmple
  • Illumise
  • Numel


  • It is Jaiden's most viewed video, possibly because of its popularity amongst both Pokémon fans and Jaiden fans.
  • She made a sequel playing Pokémon Platinum.